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Recruiting that goes beyond a simple skills-match

We help high-tech firms in Austin hire more
than their share of top-performers.

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People are the lifeblood of your business. How you hire matters.

Hiring is the foundation of a strong business.

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Are you feeling...

  • Frustrated at losing out on top talent?
  • Worried your teams are overworked and at risk due to an inefficient hiring process?
  • Underwhelmed and overcharged by contingency recruiters?
  • Dissatisfied at having to settle for unsuitable candidates?
  • Tired of looking at stacks of resumes?
  • Overwhelmed and need a better hiring process?

You have better things to do than keep your finger on the pulse of the talent market.

The right people make your business thrive.

The wrong people can break your culture and make the right people want to leave.

Hiring is the foundation of a strong business.

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Trusted by Hiring Managers All Over Austin

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Proven Process


Where are the people you want? How many of them are there?


Develop a compelling story about your company and the open position so they will risk a move.


Have meaningful conversations to engage their interest to identify how qualified, interested and available they are


Go beyond the resume and skills-match to find those that will benefit most from being a part of your team.


We can handle the verbal offer, negotiation, paperwork, hiring and initiating onboarding.

You can’t hire people who don’t know you exist.

You can’t hire people who aren’t attracted or interested in you.

You can’t hire people who don’t respond.

You can’t hire people you don’t talk to.

We are very very appreciative for your help and expertise, I couldn’t do my job without you.

— VP of Human Resources

She is an outstanding candidate, the real deal for a very challenging position. Please prepare an offer!

— SVP of Science and Engineering

You guys aren't like any other recruiters I've ever talked to. You really know what's going on just "get it" with respect to the technology and the company.

— Sr. Director of Software Candidate

Transforming your ability to hire starts here

Our core strength is our ability to quickly go to market on your behalf - professionally representing your company and telling your compelling story to attract and hire outlier high-performers.

Expert advice is at your fingertips.

Our talent acquisition experts are available to answer all of your hiring questions and help you create a strategy to transform the way you hire by identifying your unique HireFactors.


How you hire affects who you hire, which affects your culture, and the decisions made, which affects the results you get, and the future of your business.

How you hire matters.

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Gary O’Neal

Corporate Recruiting and Hiring Consultant

‭(512) 575-4345
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Every hire makes your company either better or worse. We know that you're not just looking to put butts in seats.

The future of your company depends upon your team's ability to consistently hire high-performance professionals. Recruiting and hiring great is challenging. It's a team sport.

You know that how you hire and who you hire matters. You know there must be a better way.

We're here to help.

My business partner, Deidre, and I have been in the hiring business for a long time. Our superpower is being your advocate in the market, selling your story, engaging your future talent, interviewing, and hiring.

We can be your secret weapon, and through working together, we will enhance/upgrade your hiring skills and process.

We’ve trained and led high-performing recruiting teams that have made well over 10,000 hires for clients in a multitude of industries. We take hiring seriously, and we want to work with companies that take it seriously too.

We work with hiring managers who are confident in their hiring skills and need outsourcing help, and we work with those who are in a position to hire but are out of their depth and need help. What they both have in common is needing expert advice. We created HireFactor to do just that by helping technology firms in Austin recruit more than your fair share of top performers.

If you keep doing the same things you will continue to get the same results.

Understaffed teams. Hiring in a hurry. Settling. Mediocre outcomes.

It’s time to change your mindset on hiring.

Hiring is the foundation of a strong business.

Are you ready to partner with your new secret weapon?


Working with Recruiting Experts

You’ll get experience + high level of give-a-damn


Learn to Hire
the Best

We will teach you how to hire better consistently.


Build a Stronger Business

Every hire enhances or hurts your business.

Let’s talk about your firm’s Hire Factors.

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